More options than most

Automation: Sit back, relax and let our fully automated system's control your swimming pool's temperature, cleaning and even your water chemistry, without you having to lift a finger. 

Sunpods and Water Features: Sunpods and water features enhance the visual look of your swimming pool, we can help create a magical look to complement any Narellan Pool. 

Swim Jets: Creating an artificial current to swim against for therapy, fitness and aerobic exercise, our swim jets allow swimmers the physical training they require. 

Spa Jets and Bubbling Spa Nooks: Relax and unwind, let your pool give you a massage with our in-pool spa inclusions. Choose from either Venturi spa jets or an air manifold system. For maximum effect ask us about having both installed.

Pool Blankets: Did you know that evaporation is one of the major causes of water loss from swimming pools? When you purchase a Narellan Pool, ask about a fitted pool blanket, which helps to reduce evaporation and water loss by 97% and helps keep your pool warm. 

Cleaners: A clean pool is an inviting pool, and we offer a range of pool cleaners to keep your pool sparkling all year round. Ranging from robotic to suction cleaners, we will assist you to find an option which will suit your lifestyle and budget. 

Lights: Colour your world with our range of innovative lighting solutions. Installing lights in your pool creates a magical look at night.

Heating: With our range of quality heating systems for your pool, you get the benefits of stable water temperature and an extended swim season. The three types of heating systems are solar, heat pumps and gas. These can be used separately or in conjunction with each other. Ask us about the best solution for your pool. 

For more information about these options, please Narellan Pools or CONTACT US