About Silver Spas

Silver Spas

Silver Spas are designed and manufactured in Australia and New Zealand. With a mission of delivering quality affordable Spas for all, and 25 years manufacturing experience, you can trust Silver Spas are here for all your family's future hydrotherapy needs.

Unrivalled Power and Performance
Power is a key component in the delivery of performance. Silver Spas are powered by a 2.5HP pump, manufactured in the USA. Every Silver Spa comes standard with Stainless Steel jets that have been placed in each seat, matching the contours of your body, creating the perfect combination of hydrotherapy and massage.

Cleanest Water
Silver Spas are leaders in water managment sanitisation. Energy efficient low speed filtration, coupled with automatic Ozone sanitisation and over sized Microban Filters, providing you with the cleanest spa water for your family.

Quality Driven
With over 25 years of research and engineering, Silver Spas are built to last.
Using only the best components including high flow energy efficient pumps, long lasting titanium heater elements, engineered protective vermin proof base and controllers, with M7 technology.